Papers and Documentation

It will be our endeavour to provide some of the seminal research works conducted previously in this field. We will provide some links and research papers which will guide us to the successful completion of the project.

Since this project encumbers multiple research fields, we provide some of the seminal research works in each field.

  1. High Dynamic Range imagery: debevec_hdrReal Pixels, OpenEXR-ILM
  2. HDR tonemapping, exposure fusion: Display Adaptive Tone Mapping,
  3. Inverse Tone Mapping: InverseTMO
  4. Object Detection: BackgroundSubtraction, Hough Transform Based DetectionViola Jones Face Detection ViolaJonesPedestrianDetection
  5. Object Tracking: MultipleObjectDetection, FastMultipleObjectDetectTrack, Grabner2006RealTimeTracking, Real TimeObject Detection ExtremeConditionsRealTime Object Tracking MeanShift
  6. Multiple Object Tracking and Evaluation: Emperical Tracking EvaluationTracking Eval MetricObject Tracking MetricsClear MOT Metrics ,  Tracking Trackers State of the Art Survey

This page will be updated as we go along the project learning new things every day 🙂

External Resources

As of now, we are using only one external resource for building our MATLAB based framework which is the HDR toolbox for MATLAB. Please follow the link given below for the latest source.

HDR Toolbox for MATLAB